Saturday, July 13, 2013

Where I Write... Poem from a Demo

Mary Ellen's demo inspired some poems about writing...

Deadline closing in
And the words flow
I write late at night
By myself
But for the notes in Skype
To be read tomorrow
By my sleeping writing group

And at Jackson's Java
(it's quieter than Amelie's)
With coffee cup
Tea cup
Water bottle
Fully hydrated

And in institutes
Fretwell, Cameron, Portland, Las Vegas (even), Denver
Murray cards, freewrites, mentor texts and sticky notes

And in airports
Hotel rooms
Conference nooks and crannies
With Cindy
Papers sea around us
in waves of qualitative

1 comment:

  1. Lacy, I appreciate your poetry as part of your blog. I have started to include more poems on mine, rather than limiting myself to reflective prose, which is how I normally communicate, especially on blogs. Though I still feel hesitant about sharing, I am thankful that SI has given me a safe place (and people like you) to remind me that I am a writer. Thanks for sharing!