Monday, July 15, 2013

Rapid Eye Movement

This is the poem I wrote during Erika's demo in Summer Institute today.  I was playing around with her question of what a workable democracy could look like.  I sort of chickened out by writing about a dream, in which as Kendra pointed out all of Hamilton's elite must have poofed away.

I dream democracy
Not that
I have a dream
But a dream, like in
la la land
of the free thinking

As Jefferson's sleep turns REM
This democracy dream
Collides with itself in
Popular belief
But not contained
In popular plastic packaging of
Corporate market philosophy

Beliefs held tight to
What (the) people
know about our, and thier and her
history of
tribal life
labor groups
world cutlures
women's circles
grassroots collectives
sci-fied futures
and Hamilton's past life


  1. Ha! I love the imagery in your poem, Lacy. Jefferson's REM sleep and "popular plastic packaging" both stood out to me, for some reason. And the last stanza is so powerful, as you fight against the Hamiltonian view of democracy (great use of "her").

    1. Thanks! the REM line is my favorite too!

  2. like how you summed up some of the concepts of Jefferson in a poem and bubble cloud. the dream has many symbolisms- ideals, Martin Luther King Jr.