Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Press Any Key

What does it mean to be bootable?  
Ready to go where the electric current takes you?  
Mapping onto the flow feeling, 
The current rippling effect
(Do currents move in waves?)
To understand your own interests and 
Let's do the wave 
That's what it's like
The flow of knowing for sure and still being open
To sparking
Somehow a connection to a teacher, learner, neighbor
Person beside you, whose arms flow up 
At just the moment to make that nice meeting place
Of bodies moving in a current 
Ideas that don't overwhelm to the stopping point
But rather well over the brim, 
Sipping to the next person, next idea, next moment
In activity 
Of making

It was this little
Seemingly standstill moment
Overheating laptop
Remembering Kim's phone photography
Inserting (or asserting) my own interst
That became a device
To boot up a poem


  1. I think you should start a non-verbal wave for improv at SI sometime. How do you let the others know they should go :)

  2. Love this, Lacy! I like the way it moves and pulses with energy--connected learning indeed!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Lacy! I love your poetic approach to today's post. Ashley and I talked a lot about collaboration and "sparking somehow a connection" to other brains. I love how my thoughts develop and evolve over time, when I have other thoughts to challenge and question and praise my own. I am looking forward to seeing social thinking and writing in action in the coming weeks!