Saturday, July 14, 2012

On blogging. And why I haven’t.

Because my ideas.
Are swirling
And around
And there is a bride here.
I am sure that fits in
Because it is so distracting
The institution of family
So distracting
And central
And that has nothing to do with marriage
And that is the distraction
The socio-historiical-institution of fill in the blank
That puts pressure on my words and make hard to
Find my place
My starting place
In anything other
Than strings of incoherency
(so I make it into a poem)
 Even though I have asked everyone
Around me to inquire, blog, share, write
And I swish things around in my head
Salting any little wounds
And I ask you to dive daggers into the heart
Of the situation
And put your words out there
And I
And consider
And thinking is writing, right?
Shouldn’t I stop emailing
You about what you are thinking
And give myself a talking to  
And I am of course.
The bride, construct of pure, good feminine
Talks to my head all day
About why my writing and my not writing
Isn’t good enough.
Self pitying poem.
Damn again.


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    1. ha! yeah, I think I need to read it again tomorrow myself.

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  3. ok, I'm not crazy. I tried to dictate my comments from my phone. it did not come across as clearly as I had planned. basically, I just want to say that that was an awesome poem and thanks for sharing it. perhaps we can mashup my original response and make it into something awesome. see you monday!

  4. On Reading and Why I ..
    do it
    so that I can come across poems that remind me
    of why I connect
    in these spaces of words ....
    even if the reminder is that connections
    sometimes falter ....

  5. All I can say is "well said!" I'm struggling thinking with all this too. Wanting my wanderings to be more "pithy" but distracted by trying to put them down for public consumption. Hmmmmmm. (forehead wrinkles and eyes squint)