Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Demo Reflection in Multigenre: And This is Why I Love Summer Institute

Poetry Experiences at School: A Poem
I don’t recall any before high school
Though Papa read William Wordsworth, Frank L. Stanton and Henley
Every night
Mrs. Merle cried as she sat on the top of a desk
And read I don’t know what poem to us
And sent us to another teacher to be taught anything by Toni Morrison
And poetry could be cried over but maybe not cursed in
And I never wrote a poem
To be turned in for school
I wrote a lot of poems in school
On the edge of my notes
Cradling my thoughts
Dear Melissa,

Thank you.  For a few things.  For inviting me to blog right now during your demo, so that I don't think too long about my idea and gulp it away.  For somehow in the space of an hour making space for me to write a poem, blog, reflect, hear and see a bunch of readings of poems, understand my colleagues in the room better, get a really cool idea about teaching, and find out so much about you as a teacher.  

In Happy Poetry Euphoria,

A Reading and Sticky Noting of Hazel tells Lavern by Kathryn Machan



  1. I found the invitation to blog during the demo was useful for me as well. Gave me a shove to get something out by the end of the session.

  2. I really enjoyed the poem above. It made me want to write a poem about my experiences with poetry too! I'm glad you enjoyed the demo. It was my first time using technology to do a gallery crawl. Thank you SI!!

  3. Golden line . . . "cradling my thoughts"