Friday, July 8, 2011

Some Ars Poetica

On a Mission

Writing is not
Keeping just under the boiling point.
 Always at simmer either.

It's maybe the
Rice water bubbling out
of the pot
the starch left
on the stovetop

It's also not a flaking stain
waiting to be cleaned away

It's maybe the
Four (five, six hundred) of us standing around
the counter
Reading this Rorschach in my kitchen


Thank you, Jessie, for providing space and thinking in your demo about Ars Poetica and Mission Statements.


  1. This sounds like it was an interesting demo. I liked the images your poem conjured in my mind...especially at the your kitchen.

  2. That is fabulous! You found a great metaphor for writing but made a grab take on it. Love the rice stain and Rorschach :) so kewl!!

  3. I love how you used the idea of what it's not . . . kind of like we talked about in our discussion group, but in a totally different direction. And even at the end we're still left with maybe . . . and a Rorschach - awesome.