Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I'm a procrastiwriter.
At 2:08 pm on Sunday afternoon
At Dilworth Coffee
Words stuck
Down deep in my brain
Or chest
Or toes
Fingers still over the keys
Hands covering my face
Opening and closing
Email, Facebook, Twitter Skype
I'm a writer then.

I'm a procrastiwriter.
At 2:08 am on next Thursday night
With deadline
Words drowning my other words
Pouring out of my pores
Onto the screen
Jittering excited messages and attachments
Over to my sleeping writer's league on
Email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype
I'm a procrastinator then too.

I wrote this during Rebecca McKnight's demo.  She had us use Jack Prelutsky's Sranimals, as a mentor text.  We studied the craft of the poem and then tried these out in our stuff.  Totally fun!  And I LOVE this sophisticated use of a children's book.


  1. I like the poem...and I bet the demo was really interesting. Reminds me of the inspiring things you do with young children and picture books!!

    Just commented on Carrie's blog as well. It's really cool to be participating in this way.

  2. Fun! Skype is still something I rarely open. I'm still old school text chat procrastinator :)