Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On Meaning and Questions

Inspired by Cindy Urbanski’s blog post this week and because it’s postmodern week [in gender and language studies class] in my postmodern(ish) life, I am responding to some readings I’ve been doing this week in poetic (I suppose the truth of that is up to you) verse.

What She Meant
I like the way
A rhythm and (line) break
To my words
Might draw attention
To the riffing of meaning
At least here
If not in the wheelbarrow or daffodils
(Where old and white and male drone singular)

Between you and me
(Imply here in “You and me” all the histories, thinking back localities, kicked around, knot-connected, heteroglossic humming together and clanging out of ideas, people, relationships, labors always responding, moving, churning along lines of power and powerful economies of knowledge)
Beats forward
Unauthorized meaning
Could dilate the fissures
With the pounding bass of questions

A Companion Poem
Of rising intonations,
The making of questions
So much of the time
Sold as not firm, hard, clear, known,
The truths,
That hold finite and tight
The might of strong statements
Static inclinations
Stand strong and fight
Wondering language
Wandering maybe
And so?
Is covered over as silly
Willy-nilly, unconvinced
Delicate dilettante

I guess
I will name and un-name
The unquestioned language
Describing the sounds
Of our bodies,
Lips, mouth, throat, breast, breath
As we rise to question
The pat on the head
Responses to vocals
That can reclaim
The high rising terminal,
Renaming it critical.

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